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By now, you have heard the Supreme Court issued its long-anticipated decision that imposed a 50-state same-sex marriage mandate. Pastors and churches have exhibited a great degree of uncertainty preceding this moment, wondering what the effect will be on their ministry. Now that the decision has been released, though, we can respond with greater clarity.

What Should Your Church Do?

Here are the immediate things you need to know.

Now is the time for churches to maintain a clear witness to biblical truth about marriage, human sexuality, and gender. Churches should update their statement of faith to include the congregation's belief on these issues. Alliance Defending Freedom has sample language in our Protecting Your Ministry manual that provides a starting point.

If your church has not done so already, now is the time.


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We are for marriage. We are not "against" anyone.
The defense of marriage isn't a "judgment" on anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions and Reasonable Answers.
By The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Here are some resources that will help you understand the serious ramifications of same-sex "marriage" on society.

The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage (brochure insert)
Frequently Asked Questions and Reasonable Answers on:
  • Marriage and Civil Unions
  • Religion
  • Privacy and Rights
  • Children
Contrary to popular opinion, the term "separation of church and state" is found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. Radical anti-Christian groups and its allies are on a mission to eliminate religious liberty by using fear, intimidation, and disinformation to threaten Christians into silence.

The Truth About Separation of Church and State (brochure insert)
  • While the First Amendment clearly forbids the creation of a national denomination, it says nothing about the so-called "separation of church and state."
Students and teachers at public schools throughout America are finding it increasingly difficult to exercise their religious beliefs without facing hostility and censorship. These resources will help you understand your constitutionally protected rights - such as free speech, equal access, and freedom of religious expression - which cannot be denied on school campuses.
Despite misconceptions, Americans have a constitutionally protected right to celebrate Christmas in public places such as schools, parks, libraries, and government offices. Download these resources to learn more about your right to seasonal religious expression.

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Certified Marriage Specialists:
NAME certification begins with an intensive, biblical, video-based training program that teaches couples how to counsel other couples in need. By training lay couples within the local church, NAME helps alleviate the burden carried by senior pastors by passing off marriage counseling duties to biblically trained counselors they trust. In doing so, the pastor can keep his primary focus where it belongs - on seeking God's will for His church.

Especialistas Certificados:
La certificación NAME comienza con un programa de entrenamiento intensivo, bíblico, basado en video que enseña a las parejas a aconsejar a otras parejas necesitadas. Mediante la formación de parejas laicas dentro de la iglesia local, NAME ayuda a aliviar la carga que llevan los pastores pricipales pasando los deberes de consejería matrimonial a consejeros biblicamente capacitados en los que confían. Al hacerlo, el pastor puede mantener su enfoque primario donde pertenece - en la búsqueda de la voluntad de Dios para Su iglesia.

Marriage Mentoring:
A relatively happy, more experienced couple purposefully investing in another couple to effectively navigate a journey that they have already taken.

Mentor Del Matrimonio:
Una pareja relativamente feliz y experimentada que invierte intencionalmente en otra pareja para navegar eficazmente por un viaje que ya han tomado.

The SYMBIS Assessment
You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer.
The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be. The SYMBIS is a catalyst for personalized insight and exploring how a couple can leverage their unique combination of their personalities for lifelong love.

La Evaluación SYMBIS:
Usted puede construir su matrimonio en algo más que una esperanza y una oración. La evaluación de SYMBIS le da un mapa de ruta personalizado para hacer de su matrimonio todo lo que estaba destinado a ser. SYMBIS es un catalizador para la comprensión intuitiva profunda personalizada y explorar cómo una pareja puede aprovechar su combinación única de sus personalidades para el amor de toda la vida.

The Deep Love Assessment
Couples in any age or stage will benefit from Deep Love. It's designed for couples moving from bad to better and from good to great. Deep Love is designed to keep you focused on the positive. No guilt. No finger pointing. It's all about leveraging your love for each other.

La Evaluación Deep Love
Las parejas en cualquier edad o etapa se beneficiarán de Deep Love (Amor Profundo). Está diseñado para parejas que se mueven de mal a mejor y de bueno a grande. Deep Love está diseñado para mantenerte enfocado en lo positivo. Sin culpa. Ningún dedo apuntando. Se trata de aprovechar su amor el uno por el otro.